A Few Words About Us

iWeb2Cell, a division of ITWebTek, LLC
iWeb2Cell provides cost effective alternative to typical SMS packages sold by mobile providers across the globe. Using the web provides a cost effective way to send SMS messages to anyone in the world, and we pass on these cost savings to you.

While cost effectiveness is our primary driver to provide you this service, we continue to enhance our website and features available to you at no additional cost beyond your monthly membership. We would love to hear your ideas of improvements by emailing   Email


“...Iweb2Cell.com helps busy doctors office stay in touch with consulting physicians. 5 stars!...”

Dr Masterson

“...While twitter is trendy, iWebCell.com is a business solution for internet web communications. Outstanding product!...”


Why Choose Us

  • ITWebTek has 12 years experience in IT solutions
  • ITWebTek customer base is extensive in small business and non-profit organizations
  • Strong Focus on customer satisfaction
  • More than 100 Technology solutions serving DC Metro area

Our Advantages

Personal Touch

We believe the best business solutions evolve over close interactions with our customers. We will meet with you to review progress regularly until you are satisfied. We know that in-person and face-to-face meetings work better than faceless web and impersonal emails, documents, and web.